Gorgeous surrounding area

- Saint-Guenole - Penmarc'h: fishing ports
- Eckmühl lighthouse
- Prehistory museum
- Historic sites: megaliths, churches, chapels, calvaries...
- Breton culture: Fest-Noz, bagad (pipers): folk and local music and dances
- Landscapes: rocks, beaches

Surrounding :
- La Torche point: the surfers dream
- Guilvinec: fishing port and the sea museum Haliotika
- Pont-l'Abbe: an old city and Breton museum
- Quimper: beautiful old city with cathedral, museum of arts, historical museum, earthenware and china factory, old houses.
- Pointe du Raz: the famous rocky point facing SEIN island - Benodet and the cruise to GLENANS Islands

We are sure you will love the landscapes and the culture of our beautiful land.